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Flex for iOS

We've all wanted to change something about our favorite apps. If you wanted to do something about it you had to be a programmer. Until now.

Flex gives you the power to modify apps and change their behavior. Want to see every timestamp in the Messages app? The patch takes no longer than 30 seconds to make.

Siri too tall for your tastes? Make her window half the size. Is Safari's 8 tab maximum limiting you? Make the maximum 1,000 tabs. All of this is easy to do, and if you've wanted it chances are someone else has too. Make sure to check on the Flex Community Cloud to see if someone's already made the patch you've been wanting!

Your Idea, a Reality

Every day someone downloads Flex with a idea in their head, and is able to create their perfect patch. Then they upload that patch to the Flex Community Cloud and others are able to share their vision. Flex is purpose built for this, and seeing your ideas come to life couldn't be simpler. If there's something you want to be different in an app, there's a good chance Flex can help you achieve your goal.

There's a Patch For That

Flex gives you the ability to modify any app you have installed, in limitless ways. It's completely community driven, all patches are created by customers, most who have no programming experience. Tutorials are included to teach you how to create your first patches.

Flex Community Cloud

This is where all the patches are downloaded from. Every day dozens of patches get submitted to the Cloud. All patches are submitted by Flex customers, and are carefully moderated before being approved for public download.